Covid-19 Updated Rules, Guidelines & Procedures (Dec 2022)

We take Covid-19 very seriously at Rock-a-Baby.

All of our performers/teachers are fully vaccinated, and we ask all of our attendees who are able to be fully vaccinated.
No one may come to class with any sign of illness.
We have altered our set lists to create a more hygienic environment. We no longer pass out balls for everyone to share, instead we hand out individual play scarves that are laundered before each class. We no longer blow bubbles from our mouths through a bubble trumpet, but now from a motorized bubble blaster. We still hand out instruments for each child to play with, but we disinfect them before each class as we always have.
We also ask each family to be more aware of their child(ren) if they tend to move around the room. We ask them to redirect their child(ren) if they’re getting too close to other families’ belongings.
The JCC and Bellani Maternity also have strict rules in place to keep the entire building safe and clean. Rooms are cleaned frequently, the HVAC systems have been upgraded and there are bottles of hand sanitizer everywhere.